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and we are with you along the adventure to help you succeed faster and avoid the worst obstacles!

Starting and running your own business is a real adventure, which is filled with joy, success and opportunities, but it also awaits dangers, obstacles and challenges.

Before you go ahead and start your own company, we therefore want to help you by testing whether you are really prepared and have the necessary conditions for you to succeed!? Approximately 35% of all newly started companies are reported to going bankrupt within 3 years since startup and in several cases, it can be concluded that some of these companies should never have been started! Because we care about you, we don’t want you to end up there, which could lead to you losing all your invested time, energy and money, or worst case, loose valuable contacts with partners, investors, banks, family and friends as well as get into debt for the rest of your life!

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So before you go any further, test for free (about 10 minutes) whether you have the necessary requirements to start, run and develop your own business! Think like this, if you have a good business idea and have the necessary requirements, then you cannot fail!.

Do you have a good plan for how you will succeed?

The startup accelerator helps entrepreneurs develop the 6 overall parts, all of which need to function for the company to grow and be profitable. In the beginning, you may be alone in all functions, which is certainly good, because then you learn how everything should work, but you must not get stuck in these functions, because then the company hits the roof when you don’t have time! You need a well-thought-out plan for how you initially work yourself and then hire good employees who take over different parts as the company grows.


Who will lead the company and how should they constantly follow up and develop new products and services? Who and how is control of quality and operations carried out?


Is there a realistic marketing plan? Who manages the marketing and tendering of the company’s services and products to new and old customers?


Who will manage the company’s production/manufacturing? How should the company deliver its services and products on time and with quality? Who will handle the support?


How should recruitment and introductions of new staff take place? Is a functioning personnel care and further development of employed personnel needed?


Who will handle invoicing, pay bills, salaries and taxes? Which systems should be used and how should the ongoing monitoring of the finances be carried out?


How will you take care of yourself and your physical and mental health? Can you combine work with rest without getting burned out and sick?

Now is the time for you to start the company!

When you have completed the startup test and have a good plan that you see is working, then it is time to start the company. There are many things to think through and include already when forming a company, especially if there are several of you starting a company together. It is above all about written contracts/agreements, which reduce the consequences of a possible future dispute between owners (which, unfortunately, is not unusual!).

Get it right from the start!written contracts


In the start-up phase, we work together with you and develop the areas that are needed.

SEO development

Business analyse

Open or discreet analyses of the company’s various business areas as a basis how to develop and increase profitability …

Market profile

Market profile

It all starts with you having a clear communication to the market, ie that the company’s visablity is attractive …

Marketing support

Marketing support

With customer focused marketing and sales activities you will increase your  business growth and profits…

Tender support

Procurement support

Helping with submitting tenders for major procurements and also can assist in starting up larger contracts …


Online support

Your customers need clear and simple online systems with the features and support needed to make it easy to buy …

Systems support

Systems support

Både ni och era kunder behöver tydliga och enkla system för att öka effektivitet, produktion, kvalitet och lönsamhet …

Business coaching

Management support

Personal adapted programs for supervision, coaching and mentorship for you who run and manage companies or other organizations …

QCERT Quality and environment certification

Quality & environment

Well-functioning and certified quality and environmental processes, ensures a high quality and an environmental friendly business …

Recruitment support

HR support

Assisting in HR related development from recruitments and onboardning to staff training and development programs …

Homepage design

Investment support

Are you looking for investments to expand on new markets, launch new products and services or grow your profits …

Selling your company

Sell your business

Assisting in preperations and selling, mergers and aquisitions of both profitable and non-profitable businesses …


Problem support

Assistance, advice and support to assist our customers with problems and challenges in the business …

We guarantee that you will succeed!

Avoid future problems and bankruptcy by testing whether you have the conditions to succeed with your business!

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