Are you looking for the best staff or partners?

Make sure you do a good recruitment!

Be very aware, it is very expensive to recruit bad staff or partners!

An incorrect recruitment can cause approximately $75 000 in costs!

Statistics show that only 45% in the larger companies and 52% in the small companies make successful recruitments. It is therefore very expensive for companies to fail with a recruitment, especially in higher positions.

Our best advice, a good recruitment is about being thorough!

An bad recruitment usually takes place when it is made in a rush! One consequence of this urgency is, that instead the incorrect recruitment results in lots of additional costs and time losses, where it has actually been much more efficient to do the recruitment right from the start!

Do you need help to make good recruitments? Book a free strategy meeting with us for an unconditional discussion about how you can succeed in the recruitment of the best staff.

Recruitment support

Global recruiter

This is included:

  1. Accurate requirements profile for applicants
  2. Design of job advertisement
  3. Publication
  4. Selections according to the requirements profile
  5. Video interviews
  6. Background checks
  7. Reference controls
  8. Checking of criminal records
  9. Financial control
  10. Analysis of social media and internet
  11. Selection report

We use our own recruitment system, where we offer our customers to recruit staff.

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