Are your ready for really big business?

Then submit tenders for public procurements!

Actually, it´s quite small competition!

On average, 3 tenders are submitted for each procurement!

Every year, US Federal government spends more than $600 billion on procurements. Many of the public contracts have long contract periods and public organizations are financially stable customers. The global market of procurements are enormous!

Do you want to be part of the opportunity to win really big contracts?

Do not miss the chances to win large and profitable deals through tenders for long term contracts, normally several years of contracts.

Business success
Business development

This is included!

  1. Structuring tender material.
  2. Monitoring of appropriate procurement areas.
  3. Profitability calculation of selected procurements to assess whether tenders should be submitted.
  4. Adjustment of tender material and final price calculation.
  5. Final assessment and management decision to submit a tender.
  6. Submission of tender.
  7. Start-up or follow-up and evaluation of tender.

Get more and satisfied customers!

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