Online business is the future!

More and more business is done online and it is important that your business has a professional and well-functioning online presence, i.e. a website with various systems.


Everything you need is here!

Pick your design
Choose from +50 designers, but you can also use a completely unique design template, contact us for more information
Adapt to your needs

Change and adapt your design, color and content completely to your own needs and wishes as your business grow

Add functions

You will find +20 digital solutions that are ready to be adapted to meet your customers’ need for your services and products

Business development
Ready for translation
You can translate your page into any language of the world by using WPML which is a simple solution
Fully responsive

Your website works in phones, computers, laptops, tablets, iPads or other devices where your customers have internet access

Highest security
Our systems are located on secure servers that are backed up every day with a secure SSL connection and intrusion protection

"Online sales estimated to reach 4,9 trillion dollars globally 2021. In connection with the Corona virus, sales are expected to more than double within a few years!"

Online shop design

Step 1: Choose a design!

We design your website based on your market profile and with the pages and functions your business need. Below are just a few examples, you have endless possibilities to design your website!

Examples of websites



Homepage design


Homepage design

Cleaning company

Homepage design


Homepage design


Homepage design


Homepage design


Homepage design

Special pages

Your CV online

CV online

Course portal

Online shop

Online shop design

Funnels (sales flows)

Homepage design

When ordering, we will go through in details what you want your website to look like.

PS: You can also choose to keep your existing website and link Zuport´’s solutions from your website!


Step 2: Select features that you need!

Now it’s time to choose the additional features you need on your website

Online bookings


Let the customer book when it suits them!

Let your customers book time and meetings with you when it suits them. Bookings are made directly in your calendar and it is not possible to book appointments when you are busy with other meetings or activities.

Webshop design


Sell any ​​products and services online!

Give your customers the opportunity to order your products and services online and have them delivered by post or for immidiate download to their computer after purchase.

Membership sites

Member system

Offer the customer different memberships!

Offer your members an online portal where they can log in and recieve information, discuss, get offers and promotions or other membership benefits of your choice.

Online course design

Online courses

Sell ​​your knowledge online!

Offer your customers your knowledge via various online courses that can include video courses, questionnaires, drip- content, quizzes and send course certificates directly online after approved results.

Online meetings

Online meetings

Meet people online!
Conduct secure meetings with your customers online and avoid expensive, time-consuming and environmentally impactful trips. You can use audio, video and share your computer screen etc.


Present your business online!

Invite prospects and existing customers to streamed training where you present products, services, systems etc. You both can share your computer screen, whiteboard and present yourself or others via webcams.

Job & recruitment portals

Job portal

Communicate staff and assignments!

Present job offers and recruitments via a job portal which, among other things, contains a function for rating where performed work is assessed by the customer.

Online support

Error report

Fix errors and risks quickly!

Let your staff, customers and suppliers report errors and issues directly on your website. The feature is excellent for quickly finding and fixing deficiencies and risks that can create unforeseen costs.

Idea & innovation

Idea slous

Get valuable ideas and suggestions!

Easily receive ideas and suggestions from staff, customers and suppliers via your website that can develop your business by generating new innovative products and services.

Funnel marketing

Funnel marketing

Automatic sales channel!
Get new customers in a Funnel (sales cone) where you gradually give the customer information and knowledge that convinces the customer to buy your product or service at the end of the Funnel. A Funnel contains many automatic functions and email sending etc.
Affiliate systems

Reseller program

Get others to sell for you!

Get resellers who recommend and link your website to their website and get commissions on everything that the linked customers buy from you. The purchase is tracked and managed in a online affiliate portal.

Email automation

E-mail automation

Design & automate email!

Capture the visitor’s email address and activate various series of automatic emails that contain information or offers depending on where the visitor registered on your website.

Video recordings


Record your own videos!

It is estimated that 63% of companies use video to convey information and knowledge about products and services and 80% of these state that it increases sales. Record your own videos and use them on your website!

Video recording

Screen recording

Record the computer screen to video!
Make your own instructional or lecture videos where you record your computer screen and talk at the same time. Perfect when you want to record PowerPoints or eg. for instructions on how to use a computer program.
SEO development


Increase your search rating!

A good SEO strategy means that your website gets significantly more hits when customers search via eg Google. Optimize your website with SEO pptimization with keywords And phrases.

Social media development

Social media

Get followers and share pages!

Get more followers to your social channels via clickable links or via the opportunity for visitors to share your pages on their own social channels to spread your business.

Online support


Remind the customer of offers!

Remind your visitors of offers or collect email addresses by a popup (box) when a visitor, for example, wants to leave the website or after a 5 seconds visit.

Online support

Online support

Exceed customer expectations!

Give your customers excellent support by offering various opportunities to get support with their questions and issues. Features for frequently asked questions (FAQs), tickets, chat, etc. can be implemented.

Website translations


Translate Your Website!

You have the opportunity to translate your website into lots of different languages. We install a translation system where you can choose the language and how it should be translated.

Digital certificates and badges

Digital agreements

Sign Your Agreements Online!

Let your customers sign your agreements digitally via proven and legally binding agreement signing. You can use different document templates and also charge payments for eg template documents.

Business development


Create your own staff web!

You can use our systems to e.g. create portals for staff, customers and suppliers that contain instructions, information, links and videos etc that also will lift of work from your admin resources..

Business coaching

Coach & Mentor

Develop Beyond Yourself!

With a personal coach or mentor, you get personal feedback and tools to develop both yourself and your business beyond your own limitations. Contact us for a quote!

Application programming projects


Programming of own systems!

Develop your own system solutions for installation on computers and/or as webbased solution for communication and sharing of information.

Mobile apps development


Develop your own app´s!

Let your customers and employees use your knowledge and system via your developed app solutions. Your apps can be integrated with an endless variety of systems and features.

Now it’s time for you to book your free strategy meeting, where you will have the opportunity to discuss and share your thoughts on how to develop your digital presence and marketing.


Some options ...

There are a few ways we help with your website:

A - Handling the addons!

You keep your regular website and we add important functions that you need to increase efficiency and customer value ie. sales.

B - Doing the start!

We install and set up your new website, you fill in yourself with all content such as text, images, videos and attachments.

C - Doing everything!

We make your entire website based on your wishes. We can of course build a website according to other designs than above!

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers!

Here are some common questions and answers:
Absolutely, however, some extra work is required for us and we need to charge for that additional cost. Contact us for a price!
Yes, you do that by contacting us. However, we would like to point out that content that you have in previous functions can then disappear and that new functions take some time to set up. They also need to be filled with content such as text, images, prices, etc.
Yes it works great, contact us and we will help you!
Yes, however, an extra subscription via an email provider is required. We can arrange it at a lesser cost.

Yes, absolutely, the idea is that you are the one who best knows both your business and your customers’ needs. We have taken care of the technology and provided a basic platform, you develop the content best yourself and we help you with support etc.

Absolutely, however, some extra work is required for us and we need to charge for that additional cost. Contact us for a price!

Yes, there are many more features that we have not added for space reasons, book a strategy meeting with us and discuss your needs!

Book a strategy meeting >>>

If you have a website in WordPress today, it works, but it requires a lot of extra work to install and set up all functions.

If you do not have WordPress, you can instead link certain functions to your support page with us! Contact us for a free offer!

Get more and satisfied customers!

If you want to know more, contact us for a free consultation on how you can reach more people with your products, services and knowledge!
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