Are you looking for investments or funding?

Attract investments and funding to grow!

Finding investments and funding is a challange!

But it´s not impossible, you just need to know how to do it!

Finding investments and funding is not all about the money, it´s more about who will invest in your company, their investment purpose and if they invest more then just money. Finding a investor that knows your industry, have management and growth experiences, brings valuable contacts and networks etc, are often a missed part of searching for a investor. It also requires researches and solid contracts, to set the focus on growth, instead of getting caught in conflicts and legal processes that is very counterproductive.

It begins with a solid concept!

If you are looking for investments to expand your business with new products or services, launch on new markets or grow your business profits, you often require some type of investments or funding.

To attract investors for investment and funding is a thourough process that first requires that your business concept is solid, meaning that it´s sustainable in regards of effectiveness, uniqueness, scalability and financial forecasts.

Grow with investments
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Finding investors & funds!

There are different types of investors:

Angel investors – Angel investors are usually wealthy entrepreneurs who want to leverage their wealth by investing in projects they are passionate about, especially startups that may have difficulty accessing more traditional forms of financing. Angel investors typically invest in only 1 out of 10 deals they see. Angel investors can also invest time, knowledge and networks.

Venture capitalists – A venture capitalist could be a person or company, that  looks for partial ownership and are more active in the business. Venture capitalists typically invest in only 1 out of 100 deals they see.

Peer-to-peer lenders – These investment is normally a more personal loan with a negotiated interests from an investor.

Personal investors – Are normally family and friends that offer investments for the company.

Zuport offers sustainable and vetted business investment offers to a network of investors.

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