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The growth accelerator is a complete review of the various parts of the business to identify and develop the areas that hinder increased growth and profitability. We begin with a startup session on what you do, where you are, what goals you have and what obstacles you have identified. The growth accelerator then goes through and develops the business areas that are affected.


Statistics show that only 45% of larger companies and 52% of small companies make successful recruitments. It is very expensive for companies to fail with recruitments, especially in higher positions.


Secure your recruited human resources by providing a good onboarding upon employments and hiring, to ensure that they feel welcomed and get proper introductions and training.


Happy and satisfied staff mean that you will benefit greatly with happier customers, better quality, more effective productions and services with less errors, accidents and sickleaves.


To be able to compete on the market, you need to offer great products and services. This is provided by your staff and requires constant training and staff maintanance.


Some employees are satisfied with having their job, but other are looking for career opportunities which could be a valuable asset you could develop to secure your future  recruitments.


Working with people, could mean that you will have conflicts. The solution is to both prevent conflicts by a good work environment, but also to handle conflicts in a good way before they grow large.

Global recruiter

This is included:

Zuport use a large amount of systems and procedures to secure the HR department, for example online recruitment and interview systems which make interviews easier and cheaper.

Example of recruitment process:

  1. Accurate requirements profile for applicants
  2. Design of job advertisement
  3. Publication
  4. Selections according to the requirements profile
  5. Video interviews
  6. Background checks
  7. Reference controls
  8. Checking of criminal records
  9. Financial control
  10. Analysis of social media and internet
  11. Selection report

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