Do you want to know how the business really works?

Conduct an open or discreet business analysis!

A good piece of advice for safe growth!

Analyse how the business work before expansion!

There are many cases of businesses, which have grown rapidly, but who did not realize that they needed to ensure that the entire business can withstand an expansion. This is shown by the lack of quality, non-profitability, staff revenue or other direct or indirect costs.

Open business analysis!

An open company analysis is made by specialists in various areas, in collaboration with the company’s own staff, reviewing the full business. The advantages of this analysis is that the staff are involved in both the analysis and can understand and contribute to a development.

The open analysis is summarized in a report that is submitted to the management as a foundation for further decisions and measures.

Open business analyze
Hidden business analyze

Discreet business analysis!

A discreet company analysis is usually carried out by an expert with deep knowledge and experience within the relevant area, when there is reason to see through what is often hidden when a manager examines everything.  A discreet analysis tis mostly made at a distance and examines what is visible from the outside, ie what the company shows publicly such as websites, quotes, annual reports etc.

An in-depth discreet company analysis can also take place by hiring an independent consultant as a so-called “Undercover Boss” to view the business from the inside.

The discreet analysis is summarized in a report that is submitted to the management as a basis for further decisions and measures.

Note: A discreet company analysis can also take place in combination with open analyzes!

Open business analyze

Analyses would involve:

  1. Management and ongoing follow-up of the business?
  2. The operation regarding quality and deliveries?
  3. Marketing efficiency and results?
  4. Staff satisfaction and development?
  5. The company’s finances in terms of growth and profitability?
  6. Customer care and support?
  7. Innovation and development?

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